About Us

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing communications and safety solutions since 1965.  Our Provider®, Spectrum® and Pro-Alert™ systems were all developed to adapt to the changing communication and safety needs of many different markets such healthcare facilities, correctional institutions, high-rise buildings and college campuses.

New Headquarters
When Jeron moved to the corporate office in the Fall of 2015, one of the goals was to create learning environments where collaboration and innovation meet for a common goal. Our new training room can accommodate more students, our PTC has multiple end-user clinical areas, and the new manufacturing and warehouse space will streamline our processes with ample space for future expansion of our production lines. 

We employ in-house mechanical, electronic and software engineering departments.   Utilizing the most updated machinery, these departments continue to produce cost-effective, user-friendly product lines.   

USA Manufactured
All production of Jeron systems takes place in our Chicago, Illinois factory.  With innovative design and development occurring in the USA, we have more control over the quality and testing of each product shipped out bearing the Jeron name.   

The high quality of Jeron products is recognized in the field with few failures, a superior reputation, and a limited warranty.  The Provider 790 lies at the forefront of technology for the healthcare industry and has a five-year warranty, one of the longest in the industry.  

We have partnerships with both integrators and distributors to help better serve our customers.  Our relationships with other communication solutions manufacturers can provide more robust communication systems for our end-users integrating Provider 680 & 790 Nurse Call Systems with technologies such as wireless phones, pocket pagers and PBX systems.  The Jeron Distribution and Dealer Network is also crucial for customer satisfaction performing the installation and servicing of all facilities utilizing our products.

Provider Technology Center
Jeron's new state-of-the art Provider Technology Center (PTC) presents 680 & 790 Nurse Call Systems' hardware and key integrations such as wireless phones and real-time locating in several common clinical environments.  The hands-on areas provides end-users insight to how Provider Nurse Call can positively affect patient safety and streamline their workflows.