Jeron History

The History of Jeron

Jeron has been designing and manufacturing quality communication solutions for more than fifty years.  As technology advances, we continue to keep pace by developing new solutions for challenging communication needs.  Our success has continued because of the advent of sophisticated systems and advanced features to serve changing markets.

1960s – 1970s:  Jeron Begins...

  • Founded in 1965 by the Chesnul family, who still runs the company today
  • Sold primarily apartment intercoms and burglar alarms during Chicago’s construction boom
  • Recognized a need for a more sophisticated communications solution in the healthcare industry
  • Introduced first nurse call system (EC210)

1980s – 1990s:  Jeron Hones Nurse Call Products for Modern Facilities

  • Developed and began to sell predcursor to the Provider® Nurse Call series (AV 680)
  • Transitioned sales from direct sales to distributors and dealers 
  • Introduced 1st Generation Provider 680 System
  • Developed and introduced new Spectrum® series to the marketplace (430, PRO IR)
  • Hired Jeron Regional Sales Managers to oversee distribution channel

2000s – 2010s:  Healthcare Sales Growth Drives Technology-Driven Products

  • Introduced Ethernet based communications into Spectrum series (520 IP, 430 IP)
  • Expanded security product offering to include Pro-Alert™ Area of Rescue Assistance
  • Continued investment and innovation of the Provider 680 System including new Provider 680 "Plus"
  • Created Provider 790 Nurse Call System, Jeron's most advanced Nurse Call communications system to-date

Present:  Impacting Facilities with Real-Time Integrations and Features

  • Invented a breadth of integration software packages starting with Executive Information Systems Reporting
  • Implemented the 680 Gateway for easier connection to 790 options
  • The move to Jeron's new corporate office in Niles, IL allowed for the creation of our state-of-the-art Provider Technology Center