Security & Life Safety

Instant, Secure Communication for Multi-Level Buildings, Commercial and Industrial Facilities and Parking Garages

A diverse range of Jeron systems can be employed in a variety of applications for instant, secure communication. Jeron's Area of Rescue Assistance communication systems allow callers in distress to immediately call for help in stairwells and areas of egress in multi-level buildings. Commercial, government, multi-unit residential buildings and parking garages benefit from the flexible call options and security afforded by digital duplex intercom systems.

Commercial and Industrial Facilities
Jeron's digital duplex intercom systems' hands-free communication allows workers to maintain their safety and sterility standards. Integration with existing access control security systems and call options, such as group and all-call, provides commercial and industrial facilities with the flexibility they need for efficient intra-facility communication.

Parking Garages
Adding the element of audio to a parking garage's security system helps protect the safety and security of customers by allowing them to quickly and easily call for help in emergency situations. Scream detection technology further enhances the safety of garage occupants by automatically placing a call when sounds of distress are recognized.

Government and Municipal Facilities
Environments that demand secure, private communication, such as government and municipal facilities, have the option to utilize stations with privacy features to keep conversations confidential. Integration with various components of the facility's security system, such as CCTV cameras and graphic annunciators, creates a comprehensive security solution.

Multi-Unit and High-Rise Residential Buildings
Area of Rescue Assistance emergency call systems enhance the safety of multi-unit and high-rise building residents by providing instant communication in situations of distress. Digital duplex intercom systems offer residents security and convenience by providing hands-free two-way communication from entrance points, amenities or anywhere where direct communication is desired.