Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Commercial and Industrial Facilities
Spectrum® Intercom as a Comprehensive Commercial or Industrial Facility Communication System

Spectrum Intercom systems enable instant, hands-free communication with another individual or group from anywhere within a commercial or industrial facility.  The ability to integrate with various elements of a facility’s access control security system makes Spectrum essential for the safety and security of facility employees.
  • Flexible Calling Options - from the master station a user can communicate with a select group, all stations or a single station
  • Hands-Free Communication - workers can communicate hands-free without compromising their safety while also maintaining sterility standards
  • Access Control Security System Integration - Spectrum systems integrate with many components of a facility’s access control security system such as remote control systems, CCTV cameras and graphic annunciators
  • Vast Campuses - through the use of fiber optics, Spectrum stations can be spread across wide geographic areas to accommodate large campuses