Parking Garages

Parking Garages
Parking Garage Communication Systems for Enhanced Customer Safety

Including intercom as an element of a parking garage's security system helps protect customers by providing instant communication in the event of an emergency. Spectrum® Digital Duplex Intercom systems seamlessly integrate with many components of a parking garage's access control system, creating a comprehensive security solution.

  • Emergency Call-In Stations - highly visible tamper-proof call-in stations with large mushroom buttons make it easy for persons in distress to identify a call station and place a call
  • Sound Detection Automatic Call Placement - Jeron's SentinelTM Sound Detection technology automatically places a call by detecting audio cues such as a scream or shout
  • Remote Door Access Control - door access can be controlled from a remote location, allowing access to secure areas
  • Off-Site Call Routing - using a facility's PBX system, calls can be routed to an off-site phone number to ensure that calls are answered, even when the facility is unstaffed