Spectrum® Digital Duplex Intercom Products

Spectrum Intercom Systems

Jeron’s Spectrum series of hands-free digital audio intercom systems are flexible and customizable enough to offer a solution for almost any type of facility-wide communications application in locations such as correctional and educational institutions, industrial buildings, parking garages, and healthcare facilities.

Spectrum 430 and 430-IP
The economical yet sophisticated Spectrum 430 and 430-IP are perfect for smaller facilities while still providing the same non-blocking communication, threshold monitoring and mass notification capabilities of larger systems.  Both systems easily integrate with access control management systems through HMI, PLCs or relays further enhancing the safety of a building and its personnel. 

Spectrum 460
The Spectrum 460 sets the standard for communications platforms that handle thousands of stations across a wide geographic area.  The system seamlessly integrates with multiple security components while still providing non-blocking audio and LAN connectivity which creates a comprehensive solution for any sizable application.   

Spectrum 520 and 520-IP
Spectrum 520 and 520-IP streamline communication systems for educational facilities with a full range of warning tones, class change bells or general pages which can be heard by an entire campus or only a select group of classrooms.   Two-way, non-blocking intercoms in individual classrooms further protect facility and students when safety is a concern.