Pro-Alert™ 570 Nurse Call System

Pro-Alert™ 570 Nurse Call System

Pro-Alert 570: A Flexible and Scalable Nurse Call System for the Safety and Well-Being of your Residents

The Pro-Alert 570 Nurse Call System is a flexible yet very affordable resident-to-staff alerting system designed to meet the needs of any size nursing home or assisted living facility. Calling stations in key areas let residents easily place calls for assistance or in an emergency. High-visibility LED Dome Light indicators outside each room and consoles in staff areas support timely caregiver responses.

Dependability with Practically No Maintenance
Reliability, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance are at the heart of Pro-Alert 570. Just two-wires to each station keeps installation costs to a minimum. Maintenance is almost non-existent with no batteries or light bulbs to replace. Ensuring that the system is always ready in an emergency, all stations are continuously supervised; if a supervision error occurs, staff are immediately notified.

Wireless Alerting and Notification
When not near a calling station, wireless pendants worn by mobile residents allow them to request assistance from staff. Additionally, as caregivers move through the facility, 570 integrates with pocket pagers to alert them of resident calls.

Activity & Logging Reporting
All resident calls and staff responses are logged so administrators can monitor call levels and response times ensuring a safe environment for residents. This level of oversight reassures family members that their loved one is receiving quality care. 

Jeron Quality Throughout
The system is Underwriters Laboratories UL1069 listed for nurse call equipment and is covered by Jeron's industry leading 5-year warranty. The Pro-Alert 570 is designed for many years of reliable service.