Provider® 680 Nurse Call

Provider® 680 Nurse Call

Provider 680: A Powerful and Flexible Integrated Nurse Call Communications Solution


The Jeron Provider 680 Nurse Call System addresses facility-wide staff and patient communication needs for today and well into the future. It incorporates advanced technology that streamlines communication to both improve patient care and staff satisfaction while also minimizing installation and maintenance costs.

Simple and Intuitive Operation
The Touchscreen Nurse Console speeds response to patient calls and makes staff-to-patient assignments a simple as touching a screen. The patient information is updated automatically from the ADT system so staff knows how to respond to each patient’s call before they answer it.

Increased Patient and Staff Satisfaction
The system’s streamlined communications design integrates with wireless phones and pocket pagers to route patient calls directly to the caregiver, significantly reducing overhead paging that disturbs patients. Staff remains completely mobile while always informed of their patient’s needs without unnecessary trips back and forth to the nursing station.

Driving Efficiency Throughout the Facility
Asset locating technology shows the location of any piece of portable equipment saving staff unneeded steps and wasted time searching for equipment while also reducing unneeded equipment rental costs. Housekeeping/room ready buttons next to each bed automate bed turnover. Alarm Monitoring inputs, including bed exit, I.V. pump and ventilator, route directly to the assigned caregiver’s wireless device; no more wasted time “searching” to find an alarm.

Design for Low Cost Installation and Ongoing Reliability
The system is Underwriters Laboratories UL1069 listed for nurse call equipment. The system’s life safety and 24/7 operation design means the core life safety components are not PC based which eliminates potential software virus threats. The structured Cat 5/5e/6 cabling wiring throughout both reduces initial installation costs and simplifies system service.