Clinic Reports Confirm Patient and Staff Throughput

Management Reports that Benchmark Responses to Improve Performance

Provider’s 790 for Clinics Executive Information System (EIS) is a reporting tool that generates reports customized to evaluate and analyze data that is specifically relevant to clinic environments. In clinic applications, the reports include patient wait times, patient throughput and the quantity of patients seen by each staff member.  The clinic reports monitor:

Patient Rooming – when the patient is first placed into the room

Wait Time for Staff – how long between when the patient was roomed and the first staff member visits them

Wait Time for Doctor – how long before the patient is visited by their doctor

Patient Stay – total amount of time the patient was in the exam room

Staff  Time in Room – by staff level or individual clinician, the total amount of time they spent in exam rooms

Doctor Time in Room – the total amount of time the doctor spent in exam rooms