Customers Feel an Added Confidence with the Jeron Warranty 

Jeron plays an integral role in vital communication and safety solutions in many hospitals, government buildings and school campuses.  Our warranty ensures administrators that they are with the right partner for their needs today and into the future. 

Limited Customer Warranty
Engineering and manufacturing departments continue to design and develop quality products and a limited customer warranty supports these products and our reputation in the marketplace.

Five-Year Warranty
Jeron’s Provider® nurse call systems incorporate some of the most advanced technologically in the industry and are backed by our five-year product warranty.

Jeron Distribution and Dealer Network
Any warranty only applies when a system is installed under the supervision of a factory trained and authorized Jeron Distributor.  Training certifications and continuing education are required to keep our dealers knowledgeable on the actual product lines as well as current on changing installation requirements.

The Jeron Name
Jeron’s logo is present on every piece of installed equipment ensuring only the highest quality products leave our factory.