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Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. understands that Design, Consultants, & Planners are dealing with hundreds of products and issues simultaneously.

That’s why Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. wants to make specifying Nurse Call simple for you and your firm. Provider Nurse Call Systems is an advanced communications solution for acute care and skilled care healthcare facilities. We understand that specifying and designing has its challenges, but through continuing education, product tools, and value added services we can improve the process.

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Jeron Pro-Alert 480 System Undergoing Compliance Testing for new Underwriters Laboratories UL2525

While at the upcoming California Automatic Fire Alarm Association (CAFAA) Tradeshow (Palm Springs, February 2-4), attendees can see the Pro-Alert Area of Rescue Assistance system manufactured by Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.  CAFAA actively participates in technical committees for NFPA72 and is driving adoption of the UL2525 standard. This tradeshow is a unique opportunity for Jeron to reach industry experts and announce their upcoming compliance with UL2525.

UL2525 is the new standard for Two-Way Communications Systems for Area of Rescue Assistance. Through the UL2525 standard, Authority Having Jurisdiction can require, by the building code in force, that systems meet this new UL Standard. The Jeron Pro-Alert 480 System is currently undergoing compliance testing for UL2525 and is already compliant with NFPA 72, ADA, and IBC standards.  According to Ericka Baran, VP Sales and Marketing for Jeron Electronic Systems, “Jeron believes in Underwriters Laboratories standards for all the markets we serve and for our systems to be listed for appropriate UL standards.  We fully expect our Pro-Alert 480 system to be listed in the near term for the UL2525 standard.”

At the CAFAA and the NFPA conferences (June 2022), Jeron will highlight the Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue System used for emergency alerting and communications.  Pro-Alert 480 is a life-safety emergency intercom solution typically used in an area of refuge during a fire or other emergency, when an evacuation may not be safe or possible.  Occupants can communicate with an on-site or off-site call center until help arrives.  This ‘area of rescue’ is typically located in elevator lobbies/stairwells in high-rise buildings, mixed use, commercial and hospitality.

Isolation Doorway Station Provides One-Touch Communications for Patients in Quarantine

The Provider® 790 Nurse Call System continues to evolve to address communication issues that impact patient and staff safety. Wireless alerting and communications, real-time staff locating, intercom staff stations, smart bed integration, real-time dashboards, activity logging and reporting, and streamlined workflow processes are just a few of the advanced Provider 790 features.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many new, costly, and time consuming safety challenges. In response, Jeron created the new Isolation Doorway Communication Station to address these challenges.

This new station for the Provider 790 System is a one-touch communications solution for direct caregiver to patient communication without needing to enter the patient room. This easy-to-use solution utilizes an intercom station located outside of each isolation room allowing caregivers audio communications with their patient within the room. With this new communication station, staff do not need to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or to write in reverse on the window of the room to communicate to their patients.

Quick Turn Availability of Jeron Nurse Call Systems

Jeron has had no delays in supporting their existing and new nurse call customers throughout 2020 and 2021. While following all safety protocols, Jeron continued manufacturing throughout the pandemic and even increased production. This continued availability of Jeron systems and parts has allowed healthcare facilities to keep their existing systems running and enabled Jeron to replace aging and obsolete systems in a timely manner.

As a family run business, Jeron forecasted potential supply issues and stockpiled the components needed to manufacture Provider® Nurse Call Systems. Jeron’s forward-planning perspective also included adding increased production capacity within the last year to meet growing demand. For an overview of Jeron’s made in the U.S.A. design and manufacturing capabilities, please see this video: Jeron Factory Tour


Provider Nurse Calls’ One-Touch Workflow Terminal for Staff & Family

Jeron is proud to offer their healthcare customers a full spectrum of nurse call alerting and communications systems that work across platforms to provide a cohesive alerting, communications and workflow solution. The Provider® 790 Touchscreen Workflow Terminal is an integral part of this total solution by serving as the staff workflow and communications hub within each patient room.

Meeting ever expanding applications for the Workflow Terminal, Jeron has recently expanded the capability to over 30 customizable pages supporting 150 buttons.  This increased programmability is now customized for different users, such as the patient’s family and caregivers.

The Workflow Terminal ‘Family’ and ‘Clinical’ screens are able to relay information to specific caregivers and support staff with a single button press. Family can ask for water, a blanket, or general assistance with the terminal.  When caregivers cross the threshold of the room when wearing real-time locating tags, clinical staff will automatically have access to their specific workflow buttons to relay information to other staff all from the patient’s room.

The Workflow Terminal provides one-touch coordination of hundreds of workflow processes with:

  • Direct and immediate communication
  • Hands-free communication between many departments
  • Simple to use and easy to learn
  • Time stamps integrate with data network for detailed event reporting
  • Fully customizable button for facility procedures

With 150 customizable buttons for rounding reminders, calls, workflows, and one-touch intercom, it will meet the alerting and communication needs of many different areas within your facility.

Mobeen Chaudhry, Senior Technical Consultant for Jeron, commented, “Making improvements on legacy versions of communications equipment is necessary as healthcare evolves. Adapting and customizing is Jeron’s specialty.”

Jeron LIVE at HIMSS21 in Las Vegas, August 10-13

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Annual Conference will be an in-person event this year, occurring August 10-13 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.  Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. will be exhibiting in Booth #5151; presenting how to achieve excellent acute and ambulatory care workflow and positive patient satisfaction through the latest innovations in nurse call and patient safety technology.

Jeron offers a full line of nurse call solutions for hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgery, and long-term healthcare facilities. Provider® Nurse Call System integrates with the most popular mobile devices, such as smartphones and real-time locating, to support increased mobility for caregivers. Click here for an overview of Provider nurse call’s solutions for clinicians and patients.

At HIMSS (or if you request a demonstration at their corporate office) you will be given a preview of the best-in-class innovations in clinical communications such as Provider’s Family Workflow Terminals, Isolation Door Stations, & Noti-Fi™ Smartphone Alerting.

“With the latest additions to our arsenal, we are excited to offer such flexible options that will ultimately keep caregivers mobile while still being completely connected to their residents or patients,” says Myles Cochran, Jeron’s Director of Marketing. He continued “The HIMSS Annual Conference gives us a chance to show caregivers and healthcare administrators how Provider Nurse Call is an IT-enabled healthcare delivery system that streamlines staff workflow, gives accountability insight, and improves patient experiences that ultimately lead to higher satisfaction scores”

HIMSS21 Exhibit Hours:

August 10:  9:30 – 6PM
August 11:  9:30 – 6PM
August 12:  9:30 – 4PM

Jeron’s Continual Investment in Nurse Call Enhancements

Below are some of the most recent examples of system and platform enhancements:

  • Doorway Isolation Intercom Station: The isolation intercom stations are easily added to any existing Provider 790 Nurse Call system allowing caregivers to directly communicate with their patients without the need to enter the patient room.  The isolation intercom station is easily added in the hallway outside of each patient room and utilizes the existing Provider nurse call components already installed.
  • Cross Platform Provider Nurse Call for seamless integration: Both the Provider 790 and Provider 700 platforms are fully interoperable to route calls between platforms and sharing the same integrations and activity reporting.  The flexibility to use either or both platforms to meet the needs of varied configurations in acute, skilled, and sub-acute healthcare facilities.
  • Jeron’s Enterprise Solution: Supports an IDN-wide solution for centralized management and cross facility features including enterprise-wide call activity reporting and integrations for wireless phones and real-time locating. Jeron’s Enterprise solution includes standardized communications, staff scheduling, workflows, mobile device notifications, and call activity logging and reporting.
  • Waterproof IP68 Rated Waterproof Station: Used in bathrooms, showers and other wet environments. These IP68 rated pullcord stations for both the Provider 700 and Provider 790 platforms meet the IP68 (ANSI/IEC 60529) American National Standards.  It can operate during continuous water submersion.

Virtual Tours Available to Experience the Flexibility of Provider Nurse Call Systems

December 9 – Niles, Illinois – The Provider® Technology Center, located within Jeron Electronic System’s corporate office and factory, is ready for virtual “hands-on” tours for healthcare organizations to explore all of the options available as part of a comprehensive nurse call alerting, communications, and workflow solution.  The realistic clinical environments in the Provider Technology Center showcase the most popular features and integrations available for the state-of-the-art Provider nurse call system.

Jeron’s Provider scalable nurse call solutions give healthcare facilities a complete solution readily scalable for a single nursing unit, clinics, skilled nursing, to across an entire campus or an IDN as an enterprise solution. Throughout the pandemic, Jeron has remained open to manufacture nurse call systems supporting both temporary field acute hospitals and skilled facilities to enable direct patient to caregiver communication without requiring caregivers to gown up in PPE.

Jeron’s Provider Technology Center is the setting for your personalized web presentation and tour where Provider nurse call and integrated options are on display allowing virtual visitors to see real solutions for workflow, safety, and patient satisfaction in both acute and skilled healthcare settings. Each web tour is customized to show how Provider nurse call solutions can address their unique challenges and pain points.

Director of Jeron Marketing, Myles Cochran remarks, “For the convenience and safety of our healthcare customers, we are ready to host remote presentations and demonstrations at our Provider Technology Center. We are equipped to show live scenarios online to small or large clinical groups; architects, technology consultants and more.  Our new virtual tour video gives a flavor of what your remote meeting will be like including the things you can experience and introduces you to the people hosting your meeting who are ready to explain the options available to address your concerns and initiatives for patients and staff.  When you register for a virtual tour, we will work with you to customize your meeting to cover all of your needs.”

Please view the Provider Technology Center Virtual Tour and you can register for your own tour at: