Isolation Room One-Touch Communications Streamlines Staff and Patient Communications

Jeron is excited to announce a new addition to the Provider 790 nurse call system for instant communication between caregivers and their patients in isolation. This easy-to-use solution utilizes an intercom station located outside of each isolation room allowing caregivers one-touch audio communications with their patient within the room. Eliminating the need to enter the patient room to communicate also saves caregivers the time spent gowning up and helps reduce the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.)

Jeron’s LEAN Healthcare Consultant and Clinical Educator, Stephanie Kuhl (BSN, RN, CPHQ) remarks, “Clinical staff refer to this type of station as a ‘PPE Saver.’ Jeron is continually creating nurse call equipment that has unique workflow enhancements to save caregivers steps, workflow, and costs.”

The Isolation Room station is easily added to any existing Provider 790 nurse call system without the need to enter the patient room; it is added in the hallway utilizing all of the existing components already within the patient room. The station itself is low profile and designed to be easily cleaned by common hospital cleaning agents.