nursecall system Provider 790

Provider 790 is Jeron’s high-tech nurse call system leveraging the latest in Ethernet and VoIP technology focusing on improved workflow, patient and staff satisfaction, and streamlined patient and staff communication resulting in increased patient safety and positive outcomes in acute care facilities.

Provider 790 Nurse Call System
Ambulatory Surgery Call System

The flexibility and scalability of Provider 790 extends into clinic and ambulatory care environments with the tools to improve patient workflow and provider efficiency.  Wireless alerts and large real-time displays direct caregivers to their next patient, let them time a procedure, and locate other caregivers all while offering a full line of alerting and communication options.

Provider 790 for Ambulatory Surgery/Clinics
nursecall Provider 700 by Jeron

The facility-wide networking, workflow, room status, and touchscreen operation makes Provider 700 the highly flexible option for acute care, skilled, and other post-acute facilities.  Provider 700 includes many high-end options including smart phone alerting of patient/resident calls, activity logging and reporting of response times, and wireless locating of staff from any staff console.

Meeting the requirements of each area within a facility, Provider 700 and Provider 790 can work together as a completely integrated facility-wide solution.


Provider 700 Nurse Call System
nursecall intercom Provider 680

Provider 680 offers a full line of stations and integrations to meet any skilled nursing application.  It readily networks with Provider 700 and Provider 790 nurse call systems for flexible system expansion and a facility-wide solution.

Provider 680 Nurse Call System
ProAlert 570 Nurse Call System

Giving you the most nurse call for your dollar, the ProAlert 570 nurse call system meets the alerting and code requirements for skilled and assisted living facilities while offering advanced options including smart phone alerting of resident calls and activity logging and reporting of response times.

Pro-Alert 570 Nurse Call System
Digital Intercom Industrial

Industrial Digital Intercom

For industrial single and multiple building applications, Spectrum 430 gives organizations complete communications including alerting, intercom, audio paging, and mass notification.

Spectrum 430 Digital Duplex Intercom System
Area of Rescue Assistance

Area of Rescue Assistance

For mid to high-rise residential and commercial applications, the ProAlert 480 system provides robust alerting and two-way communications in an emergency.

Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue Assistance System