Nurse Call System being used in a Hospital

Nurse Call Systems for Hospitals

Jeron Nurse Call Systems use leading VoIP (Voice over IP) communications technology to provide facility-wide networked solutions to meet patient-to-staff and staff-to staff communications, alerting, and workflow needs of any acute care patient environment. Streamlining communications and workflow, the system integrates with wireless phones, RTLS, Reporting, Smart beds, and much more; reaching goals to keep staff mobile, accessible, and available for direct patient care.

Provider 790 Nurse Call System Provider 700 Nurse Call System
Woman and Nurse Embracing in Long Term Care Facility

Nurse Call Systems for Long Term Care Facilities

For skilled nursing and long term care facilities, Jeron’s Nurse Call Systems extend well beyond basic alerting. Our value-priced solutions give facilities access to step-saving networked and wireless options usually only available on more expensive nurse call systems. All resident calls and staff responses are logged so administrators can monitor call levels and response times ensuring a safe environment for residents. This level of safety reassures family members that their loved one’s needs are being met in a timely manner.

Provider 700 Nurse Call System Pro-Alert 570 Nurse Call System
Wall in a Clinic with Nurse Call System, Blood Pressure and Patient Testing Tools

Nurse Call Systems for Clinics & Surgical Centers

Our advanced Clinic Management and Communications features keep staff and patients on track and provides everywhere-access. Provider 790 Nurse Call System for Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Clinics, saves several minutes on each patient’s visit, this can mean extra time for an additional patient each day. Simplifying clinic-wide workflow and patient flow results in better clinic experiences for both patients and staff. Bottlenecks are readily identified and can be addressed before affecting patient throughput and satisfaction.

Provider 790 for Ambulatory Surgery/Clinics

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