Areas of Rescue Assistance are located in designated areas where building occupants are able to assemble and wait for first responders in emergencies.

High-rise and institutional facilities looking to fulfill Area of Rescue Assistance code requirements or simply add another layer of security to protect their building’s occupants, will appreciate the system’s flexibility.


Designed to be flexible and scalable, Pro-Alert 480 provides critical communication solutions for stairwells and other areas of rescue in parking structures, industrial/commercial buildings and residential high rise buildings.

  • Designed to Meet UL2525 Standards
  • Fulfills ADA and NFPA Requirements
  • Variety of Emergency Call Stations
  • Off-site Calling Through the Facility’s PBX
  • Simplified Wiring & Easy Maintenance

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Area of Rescue Assistance (AOR) Communications Overview

Pro-Alert™ 480 for Life Safety Communications in Areas of Rescue Assistance

Areas of Rescue Assistance was established to provide a location for building occupants, who cannot traverse the stairs, to be able to assemble by an exit and await assistance or instructions by first responders.


Providing emergency egress communications in high-rise and commercial facilities is becoming standard.  During an emergency, the system ensures the safety of building occupants by providing a reliable and clear exchange for all parties.


Whether the facility’s goal is to fulfill fire code requirements or simply ensure the safety of its occupants, Pro-Alert 480 is a robust two-way communication solution for Area of Rescue Assistance.


Just a few benefits:

  • Supervised and Addressable Stations
  • UL Listed Power Supply
  • Optional PBX Interfaces
  • Choice of Call Stations
  • Code Compliance

Ease of Installation

Common Cat-5/CI Wiring will Simplify Installation

The cost of physical installation of Pro-Alert 480 System is significantly reduced by using reduced wiring and requiring no home runs.  This type of simple infrastructure enables faster installation and reduce capital construction costs for materials.


Jeron’s national and international network of authorized, factory-trained distributors make easy work of installing this critical communications system. We have in-house technical specialists with remote solutions should a problem occur.  All our systems are Made in the USA and are backed with an industry-leading warranty.





Code Compliance

Fulfilling Code Requirements for Area of Rescue Two-Way Communication

As fire regulations continue to evolve, high-rise buildings and commercial facilities need to be in compliance with regulations involving two-way communication in areas of refuge.

Pro-Alert 480
helps fulfill the following requirements as a comprehensive two-way communication system that allows callers to call for help from Areas of Rescue Assistance:

Americans with Disabilities Act – in multi-story buildings, each floor is required to have an area of rescue assistance with a means for two-way communication

NFPA 101 – requires that all means of egress be equipped with a system that provides communication between the area of refuge and a fire command center or central point

NFPA 72 – if the central control point is not staffed, the system must be able to communicate off-site with a supervising station, communications center or other approved monitoring location



Need a source for your Area of Rescue signage?



ARA Communications in a Variety of Facilities

Commercial or Residential, Area of Rescue Assists in Every Area

Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue Assistance System can be an integral part of your Security system for your building.  Whether it be in a high-rise residential or commercial facilities, an extra layer of security will assure safety of your workers, customers, or patients.


Jeron’s Pro-Alert 480 recent installations:

  • Navy Pier Parking
  • Cook County RTU – Dept of Corrections
  • Aqua Residential Building
  • Legacy Hotel & Garage
  • University of Illinois Medical Center
  • Astellas Pharma US
  • Foothill Assisted Living Centers




Simplified Wiring & No Home Runs

Simplified Wiring and Flexible, Scalable Architecture

The multiplexed architecture of Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue System results in less need for conduit, wire and labor which reduces costs.  This also eliminates the need for home-run wiring; giving way to an expandable system for buildings that are growing and adding to their facility.


The system utilizes common Cat-5 wiring and/or CI Cable, which also simplifies the installation and testing processes.  In the event of circuit malfunctions, the fully supervised system notifies the master console of the location of the failure, speeding repair and minimizing downtime.


PBX Interface for Off-Site Calling

External Calling Through the Facility’s PBX System

In the event of an emergency, it is critical that every call placed is answered, even if it is during off-peak hours.  Using the facility’s PBX system, Pro-Alert 480 calls can be programmed to directly route to an off-site number or they can be forwarded if not answered within a predetermined amount of time.

Direct Auto-Dial – calls placed from a call station are automatically routed to an external phone, allowing calls to be answered off-site when the master station is unstaffed on-site

Call Forward – the system can be programmed to initially ring the master station and then route the call through the facility’s phone system to an outside phone number if it is not answered within a predetermined amount of time

Queued Calls – when additional calls are placed on the system, calls are queued in the order in which they were received

Facilities can save costs by not having to staff their command center 24-7 while still having the peace of mind that the building’s occupants have direct access to help.


Security Staff Touchscreen Consoles

Choice of Master Stations for your Security Staff

Some staff areas may benefit from the graphical touchscreen display on the Pro-Alert 480 Area of Rescue Consoles,  while more distributed security stations may only need the basic console. This flexibility allows the facility to provide full communication coverage from all key areas.


Caller Location Identification – pinpoints the exact location of the caller on the Master Console through addressable stations, allowing rescue responders to quickly reach the person in distress

Off-Site Call Routing – route calls to an off-site phone number to ensure that all calls are answered even when the facility’s command center is unstaffed

Minimal Training – system navigation is easy and requires minimal instruction


Scaled-Down Area of Rescue for Small Facilities

Area of Rescue 450 is ideal for smaller applications with fewer areas of refuge.

When a call is placed from a 450 call station, the LED illuminates and an alert tone pulses slowly to assure the caller that help is on the way. Calls can only be canceled from the central control annunciator after the calls have been acknowledged.


System up time is maximized through 450’s supervised wiring, guaranteeing the components are always functional. Should an error occur, the main station illuminates a specific LED and another distinctive tone annunciates until the fault is corrected.

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