The integrated Ambulatory and Clinic features of the Provider 790 Nurse Call System lets clinicians effectively manage their patients and staff workflow.  Fewer crowded waiting rooms.  Happier patients.  More productivity.

Touchscreen or push button stations in each exam/procedure room let clinicians room patients, time a procedure, request a doctor, request a specialist, alert housekeeping to turn a room, and much more.

Everywhere access to clinic room status identifies bottlenecks that could adversely affect both operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

  • Minimize wait times with improved throughput
  • Displays each room’s status
  • Simultaneously manage multiple clinician requests
  • Offers a full complement of nurse call options

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Minimize Wait Times

Connecting Patients and ASC Staff for Faster Throughput

Expediency and fewer errors directly benefit the facility’s bottom line. Patients who receive quality care from a professional and focused medical team will remain with the practice and tell their friends. With management software in place, clinics and hospitals have the ability to increase their patient capacity while still providing quality care. More patients mean more profit.


Show each room’s status for patients and clinicians – multi-color dome lights outside of each room indicate if a patient is in the room and which clinician is in the room. Looking down the corridor, clinicians can see the status of all the rooms.

Simultaneously manage multiple clinician requests – up to four simultaneous room status and clinician requests can be shown for each room


Room Patients Remotely and Improve Satisfaction

Increasing Patient Throughput and Staff Utilization for Clinics and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The integrated ASC/clinic features of the Provider 790 Nurse Call System lets clinicians and ambulatory surgery centers effectively manage their out-patient experiences and own workflow resulting in greater satisfaction for patients and staff.


Touchscreen or pushbutton stations in each exam/procedure room let clinicians room patients, time a procedure, request a doctor, request a specialist, alert housekeeping to turn a room, and much more.

  • From the Touchscreen Nurse Console, reception can select open rooms for the patient
  • Flashing indicators outside each open room directs patient escort to the available room



Know Each Room’s Status

Provider 790 for Clinics/ASC offers an efficient method of communications while avoiding loud overhead paging

The Clinic/ASC Room Status System allows patients to be located and placed without hassle, and it gives staff the ability to request assistance or other labs when required.

This system eases the patient flow systems of any medical facility or smaller clinics in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

Show each room’s status for patient, clinicians, doctors, and timed procedures

Direct clinicians to their next patient

Manage exam room sequencing for multiple clinicians and doctors at the same time

Support VIP patients with “See Me Next” for clinicians and doctors



ASC Reports Confirm Patient and Staff Throughput

Management Reports that Benchmark Responses to Improve Performance

Provider’s 790 Ambulatory Care’s Executive Information System (EIS) is a reporting tool that generates reports customized to evaluate and analyze data that is specifically relevant to clinic environments. In clinic applications, the reports include patient wait times, patient throughput and the quantity of patients seen by each staff member.  The reports monitor:

Patient Rooming – when the patient is first placed into the room

Wait Time for Staff – how long between when the patient was roomed and the first staff member visits them

Wait Time for Provider – how long before the patient is visited by their doctor

Patient Stay – total amount of time the patient was in the exam room

Staff  Time in Room – by staff level or individual clinician, the total amount of time they spent in exam rooms

Provider Time in Room – the total amount of time the doctor spent in exam rooms



Everywhere Accessibility

Customized PC Console Displays in your ASC or Clinic

Through Provider 790 Ambulatory Care System, staff members, clinicians, and managers can customize each PC Console to display activity for one exam room, several units, or the entire facility.  It can be associated with the Nurse Console for touchscreen viewing of locations and progress throughout the clinic.

Everywhere access – wall-mounted touchscreen displays in key staff locations indicate the status of every room in the area.  Also, from any networked computer, clinicians can also monitor the status of all the rooms

PC Console Tones – the console also supports call tones for any Nurse Call alerts or notifications


Comprehensive ASC Workflow And Nurse Call Solution

Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Clinics have access to all of the alerting, workflow, and wireless communications options available on Provider 790

In addition to facility sequencing and patient throughput, you can:

  • Emergency call stations in key staff areas and bathrooms including intercom communications
  • LAN access to administrators for daily functions such as assigning staff to patients and generating call response reports
  • Integration with most popular in-house SIP wireless phone systems; routing patient calls directly to the assigned caregiver
  • One-touch workflow operations to streamline processes and procedures staff across departments
  • Ethernet backbone to easily interconnect an entire facility on a single integrated nurse call and ASC/clinic solution



Hands-Free Surgery Suite Communication

Clear, Hands-Free Communication for Efficiency and Sterility

Provider 790 Nurse Call gives surgical suites both nurse call alerting and hands-free digital audio communication with staff at any Nurse Console or Staff Terminal throughout the entire facility.  With 60 customizable buttons for rounding reminders, calls, workflows, and one-touch intercom, it will meet the alerting and communication needs of many different areas within your facility.


Direct Communication – staff members do not need to leave the sterile environment to communicate with others outside of the surgery suite

Crisp, Clear Audio – full duplex digital intercom communications with automatic volume control

Hands-free, Push to Answer, Private, and Do Not Disturb options for each intercom station

Facility-wide Communications – to any intercom station within the department or even across campus


Alerting for Emergencies and Code Calls

ASC-Wide Emergency and Code Blue Notifications

Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Clinics will now have access to all of the flexible alerting, workflow, and wireless communications options already available on Provider 790 Nurse Call including the most critical of all: emergency and code blue alerting.

Facilities can add any nurse call features for a completely integration solution including options for emergency or code calls, activity logging and reporting, wireless notification of active calls, and many more options.


Should an Emergency Occur – overhead paging is drastically reduced through direct communication, creating a restful environment for patients
Direct Notification – caregivers can directly receive pages with detailed call information such as room number and call type, resulting in a prompt, personalized response