Spectrum® 430 Digital Intercom
The compact central exchange is perfect for tight spaces and calls are non-blocking allowing multiple conversations to occur simultaneously. The 430-IP Spectrum system provides voice communication and signaling on a Local Area Network (LAN.)

Versatile Wiring Options
The system easily communicates over copper, fiber or IP and can inexpensively connect multiple buildings or large campuses. When your facility grows, minimal station wiring and decentralized cabling makes expansion affordable and efficient.


Hands-Free Communication
Non-blocking, two-way conversations can occur up to thirty simultaneous two-way voice links. ADA compliance is supported by a dual color LED indicator on stations faceplates. Perfect for any commercial application.

Customize Your Communications Solution

  • Choice of Call Stations
  • Choice of Substations
  • Choice of Handset Consoles
  • Optional Integration Features
Correctional intercom
Jeron Security communications

Spectrum Intercom for any Application


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