Provider 790 In-Service Videos

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In-Service Topics (click on a link to play video)


  • Common System Components Overview
  • Common System Components in Patient Areas
  • Common System Components in Staff Areas

Operation of Patient Area Components:

  • Patient Station Operation
  • Bath Station Operation
  • Code Station Operation
  • Emergency Station Operation
  • Auxiliary Alarm Station Operation
  • Presence Station Operation
  • 4-Button Workflow Station Operation
  • Workflow Terminal Operation
  • Rounding & Reminders on Console
  • Remote Cancel
  • Staff Duty Station Operation
  • Tone-Visual Staff Duty Station Operation
  • Combination Staff and Duty Station Operation

Operation of Staff Area Components:

  • Touchscreen Nurse Console Overview
  • Nurse Console Basic Operation
  • Advanced Nurse Console
  • Staff Duty Terminal
  • Workflow Staff Terminal
  • Workflow Staff Terminal as Nurse Console

Software Options:

  • PC Console – Real-Time Activity Display