Automated Staff Rounding

Staff Rounding Automatically Reminds Busy Caregivers

Provider 700 Nurse Call’s Staff Rounding reminds staff to visit their residents/patients as planned.  As a result, there are reduced calls to staff and improved satisfaction.

Rounding – customized on a per patient/resident basis, staff rounding buttons in each room ensures residents/patients are visited within a set time period

Timers – allows caregivers to set their own one-time reminder to revisit a resident/patient; if they get busy, the system automatically reminds them

Automatic Escalation – if a caregiver is busy when a Rounding or Timer expires, the system automatically notifies other team members to visit the patient/resident

An Integrated Option – Roundings and Timers work seamlessly to alert at Staff Consoles, at the nurses’ station and to wireless devices carried by mobile staff members