Automatic Overhead Paging

Facility-Wide Paging Informs Staff Immediately of a Situation

Provider 680 Nurse Call’s Voice P.A. Page Software provides zoned or facility-wide verbal annunciation of select call events over a facility or hospital’s overhead public address paging system or a local PC. Overhead announcements are triggered by nurse calls placed or canceled from nurse call stations in resident/patient and staff areas.


Customized voice prompts consist of phrases that include instructional content as well as nurse call type, room number, and general location information. Voice prompts can be customized on-site to meet facility requirements for privacy and content. For example: An emergency call placed in room 206 could be programmed to annunciate “Stat condition in second floor physical therapy.”  Upon cancellation of the same call, the voice prompt could be “Medical condition in second floor physical therapy has been cancelled.”