Clinic Room Status and Staff Sequencing

One-Touch to Manage Patient and Clinician Workflow

Utilizing a touchscreen terminal or multi-button station in each exam/procedure room, clinicians can readily manage every aspect of a patient visit from the initial rooming of the patient to the final housekeeping visit. Outside of each room, a dome light indicates multiple active events for the room including patient and clinician status, procedure timers, and active calls.


Remotely room a patient – when the patient checks in at reception, staff select an available room on the touchscreen terminal; a flashing dome light directs the patient and their escort to the selected room

Request a clinician – pressing a color coded doctor, nurse, or technician button in the room adds that room to the clinicians queue and indicates the request at the dome light outside the room

“VIP” a patient – if needed, staff can easily set a patient to the head of the queue for a specific clinician to visit next

Visually locate staff – dome lights outside each room and wall-mounted touchscreens in key staff areas indicate which clinician is in each room

Alert staff to an emergency – optional bath, emergency, or code buttons in key locations let staff and patients alert all staff in the area to the urgent situation

Everywhere access – wall-mounted touchscreen displays in key staff locations indicate the status of every room in the area.  Also, from any networked computer, clinicians can also monitor the status of all the rooms.