Code Compliance

Fulfilling Code Requirements for Area of Rescue Two-Way Communication

As fire regulations continue to evolve, high-rise buildings and commercial facilities need to be in compliance with regulations involving two-way communication in areas of refuge.

Pro-Alert 480
helps fulfill the following requirements as a comprehensive two-way communication system that allows callers to call for help from Areas of Rescue Assistance:

Americans with Disabilities Act – in multi-story buildings, each floor is required to have an area of rescue assistance with a means for two-way communication

NFPA 101 – requires that all means of egress be equipped with a system that provides communication between the area of refuge and a fire command center or central point

NFPA 72 – if the central control point is not staffed, the system must be able to communicate off-site with a supervising station, communications center or other approved monitoring location



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