Facility-Wide Nurse Call Solution

A Networked Ethernet Nurse Call Infrastructure Means Flexibility and Scalability

Leveraging standard Ethernet technology, the Provider 700 Nurse Call System can network multiple nursing units or even multiple buildings into a single facility-wide solution. This networked solution supports call routing across the entire facility while also sharing integrations and call activity reporting facility-wide.  Provider 700 utilizes digital audio which means that answering a call across campus is just as loud and clear as answering call down the hallway. This networked nurse call solution supports:

Centralized Operation – all resident/patient calls can be routed to central nurse console(s) to answer calls; staff are then dispatched to the resident/patient room if needed

Day/Night Transfer – when staffing down at night, all calls from one unit can be rerouted from their “day” nursing station to their “night” nursing station typically located within the same unit or a neighboring unit

Swing Rooms – depending on census between neighboring units, rooms can “swing” between adjoining units to support the appropriate staff to patient/resident ratio