Fall Prevention / Resident Safety

Supporting Your Facility in Making Fall Prevention a Priority

Provider 680 Nurse Call provides multiple modes of monitoring and alerting to notify staff of potential risks so they can respond quickly and avoid patient falls. Provider is an integral part of your facility’s fall risk program with these standard features and options:

Bed Exit Notification – caregivers are immediately notified of a patient’s bed exit alarm so staff can respond quickly to assist before the patient falls

Group Notification of Bed Exit – multiple caregivers in the unit can be notified of the bed exit alarm; allowing the closest available caregiver to respond to the patient

Bathroom Assist – the bathroom “assist” button allows patients to request help from their caregivers to get back into bed while the “emergency” pullcord alerts staff to an emergency situation

Pillow Speaker “Toilet” Button – allows patients to request assistance to the toilet instead of feeling they need to attempt it on their own

Joint Commission Compliance – all Provider Nurse Call Systems meet the Joint Commission’s Patient Safety Goals of alarm notification for bed exit