Fall Prevention & Resident/Patient Safety

Supporting Your Facility in Making Fall Prevention a Priority

Provider 700 Nurse Call provides multiple modes of monitoring and alerting to notify staff of potential risks so they can respond quickly and avoid resident/patient falls. Provider is an integral part of your facility’s fall risk program with these standard features and options:

Fall Risk Indicator – outside of each room, an indicator alerts caregivers to fall risk patients/residents so caregivers know to follow fall risk protocols when tending to these patients/residents

Bed Exit Notification – caregivers in an acute care setting, are immediately notified of a bed exit alarm so staff can respond quickly to assist before the patient falls

Group Notification of Bed Exit – multiple caregivers in the unit can be notified of the bed exit alarm; allowing the closest available caregiver to respond

Bathroom Assistance – instead of risking a fall going back to bed, patients/residents can communicate their needs to caregivers over the bathroom intercom station. Knowing that they have been heard, they can wait for assistance back to bed