Reaching Measurement Goals

Raising Your CMS or HCAHPS Scores

Supporting your goal to give the best care possible, Provider 700 Nurse Call streamlines processes, automates alerts from residents/patients to caregivers, and provides fast and direct caregiver communications.

Provider Nurse Call’s multiple alerting options, including in-house wireless phone, smartphone, and pocket pager integrations, instantly route resident/patient calls directly to the assigned caregiver. If the caregiver is delayed, Provider automatically alerts other caregivers on their team. Provider activity logging and reporting software monitors all call activity and response times so you can spot issues before they adversely affect resident/patient satisfaction.

Provider workflow stations allow staff to automate workflows within and across departments such as tray pickup, room clean, transport, and many more.  A single button press in the patient/resident room initiates the workflow which is instantly sent to the appropriate team member’s wireless device.  If the workflow isn’t addressed within a set time period, team members are alerted again or the workflow event can escalate.

The device alarm interface options for Provider Nurse Call means resident/patient doors can stay closed since caregivers are notified of alarms over the nurse call and their wireless device. The wireless notification options on Provider Nurse Call virtually eliminates disruptive overhead pages to locate or call staff.