Alarm Management

Automated Alarm Management and Notification Speeds Response

External alarms can be integrated with Provider 700 Nurse Call, allowing caregivers to monitor their patients or residents from anywhere in the facility. If a device alerts, such as a bed exit pad or ventilator, mobile caregivers instantly notified on their wireless device; streamlining response to the alarm.

Multiple Modes of Notification Speed Response – alarms illuminate at Dome Lights outside of the respective patient/resident room while simultaneous alerting at local Duty Stations and Staff Consoles, and to the assigned caregivers’ wireless phone, smart phone or pager

Quiet Healing Environment – alarms annunciate through the Provider 700 Nurse Call System and caregiver’s wireless devices; eliminating the need to keep patient/resident doors open to hear potential alarm

Custom Call Levels –  each alarm has a specific Dome Light indication outside of the room and at Staff Consoles and caregiver’s wireless device. Knowing the type of alarm lets caregivers customize their response

Joint Commission Compliance – all Provider Nurse Call Systems meet the Joint Commission’s Patient Safety Goals of alarm notification for external alarm annunciation

Momentary Alarm Automatically Clear – alarms that clear themselves also automatically clear from the Provider 700 Nurse Call System, saving the caregiver unnecessary trips to the patient room for alarms that reset themselves