Interactive Television

Linking Patients to Important Information and Entertainment

Interactive television systems have dramatically changed the patient experience.  The in-room television is now the information and entertainment portal for patients and their families, supporting them to be more active participants in their own care.

Using the Provider 790 Nurse Call pillow speaker, patients and family control the interactive TV, turn room lighting on and off, request assistance, and communicate directly with caregivers.


The interactive TV system with Provider nurse call:

Keeps Patients Entertained and Informed – in addition to entertainment programming, interactive TV systems typically deliver staffing and facility information, health information, pre-op and post-op videos, meal selection, and internet access

Supports Easy Access from Bed – with the single pillow speaker device, patients can control key in-room systems

Drives Patient Satisfaction – the personalized interactive TV accessibility combined with streamlined patient to staff alerting and communication leads to an improved patient experience