Provider Enterprise Solution

Provider Enterprise for an IDN-Wide Solution

Provider 790 Nurse Call’s Enterprise Solution supports healthcare organizations for centralized and standardized communications, scheduling, workflows, mobile device notifications, and much more.  This Enterprise approach to nurse call also results in simplified systems management and measurable benchmarks across facilities to mitigate risks and improve patient satisfaction and safety.

  • Centralized Reporting – all patient and staff interactions on the Provider 790 nurse call system are centrally archived allowing for activity levels and response time comparisons across facilities
  • Remote System Administration – system troubleshooting and reconfiguration can be managed remotely saving on site visits resulting in minimal service time and quick implementation of any organization wide changes
  • Workflow Standardization – the ability to centrally manage and standardize workflows across multiple facilities means clinical staff can consistent utilize the full breadth of step saving system features
  • Everywhere Access – patient calls and staff workflows can be accessed from any nurse console or staff terminal and from any networked across the entire organization