Activity Logging and Reporting

Activity Reports that Benchmark Responses and Improve Performance

The Provider 700 Nurse Call optional reporting tool allows healthcare organizations to monitor patient/resident calls levels and staff response times against desired benchmarks. Comprehensive call and staff activity data and customized reports enable nursing management to identify and correct workflow bottlenecks before potentially affecting patient/resident safety and satisfaction.

Defined Benchmarks – reports show resident/patient calls that are not addressed within a set time period, allowing managers to focus on potential staffing issues

Customized Reports – managers can generate a variety of reports to meet their analytic needs; from individual detailed call and response reports to an entire facility’s call data

Exception Reports – the Exception Report flags those calls that are not answered and/or cleared in person within a desired time period, assisting managers to get at the root cause

Staff Assignment Tool – reports assist in balancing workloads by identifying staff response bottlenecks

Liability Management – all patient, resident and staff activity and responses are continuously logged instead of relying on perceptions and memory