Code Blue & Rapid Response Alerts

Multiple Alerting Modes to Optimize Response Times

Every second is critical for urgent calls such as Code Blue, Rapid Response, or Staff Emergency.  When the urgent call button is pressed, local or facility-wide team members must assemble as quickly as possible where the call originated.  Provider 700 Nurse Call’s multiple modes of alerting means members of the response team are instantly notified of the event and where to respond without delay.

Provider 700 offers different alerting options to quickly notify team members to the urgent event:

Centralized Code Display – Code Blue call information is displayed on screens in key staff areas throughout the facility an at a central location such as the telephone operator

Wireless and Smart Phones – a text message is sent to all response team members in-house wireless phones and/or smart phones informing them of the type of call and its location

Pocket Paging – designated pagers receive notification of the urgent call and its location

Automated Text to Speech Paging – Urgent call information is automatically announced throughout the facility’s public address system or alternately only in key staff areas.  The overhead announcement details the type of call, its location, and can repeat multiple times