Customizable Dome Lights

Customizable Room Activity Indicators for Full Information

The Dome Light indicators outside of each resident/patient room on Provider 700 Nurse Call tell caregivers exactly what is going on within each room. Routine calls, staff presence in the room, expired rounding reminder, or an emergency situation are all indicated at the dome light.  The flexibility of the Provider 700 Dome Light allows each segment to be customized by color and flash rate to support almost any room configuration.

Programmable Dome Lights – eight unique colors, selectable sequencing and flash rates, and the ability to show up to four simultaneous events per dome light can match how your facility operates.  If your needs change, the colors and flash rates can easily be reconfigured.

Decorative Options – for a less institutional look, facilities can opt for the wall sconce version of the Dome Light

Tone with Calls – if desired, to direct caregivers to active calls, the optional tone output will also sound a tone at the Dome Light whenever there is an active call within the associated room or area