Automated Real-Time Staff Locating

Real-Time Locating Integration for Enhanced Workflow and One-Touch Communication

Automated staff locating reduces wasted time searching for staff and disturbing overhead pages to ask staff to “check in.”  Nursing units run smoothly and quietly with Provider 790 Nurse Call Systems’ real-time locating system integration which supports:


One-Touch Communication – throughout the entire facility, from any touchscreen nurse console, staff terminal, or workflow station staff can locate each other by name and with one-touch are in direct communication with the desired person

Automatic Registration – upon entering a patient room, staff members automatically register into the room which:

  • Indicates by staff level (green, orange, or yellow) at the domelight outside the room; looking down the corridor you can readily see which rooms have staff in them
  • Clears any outstanding service requirements or routine level calls
  • Resets existing staff rounding reminders and clears any one-time reminders
  • Registers staff location so that other staff members can locate and communicate with them from nurse consoles and staff terminals
  • Unlocks touchscreen workflow terminals in patient areas; giving staff full access to nurse call functionality