Intuitive Touchscreen Operation

Touchscreen Nurse Consoles, Staff Terminals, and Workflow Stations Make Quick Work of Any Task

Touchscreen operation streamlines routine tasks such as answering calls, locating and communicating with staff, and setting staff rounding and reminders.

Touchscreen Information Hubs – patient information, staff locating and communications, and direct messages to caregiver’s wireless devices are readily accessible from touchscreen consoles, terminals, and workflow stations

ADT System Integration – patient information from the facility’s Admissions/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) system is uploaded in real-time and is displayed at nurse consoles. Staff no longer has to manually enter patient information minimizing data entry errors

Minimal Training – intuitive touchscreen operation means staff members readily utilize the full breadth of step saving system features without extensive training

Menu-Driven Operation – customized menus let staff easily navigate the options available on their system while simplifying operation by eliminating menus for unused options