Pocket Paging – 570

Instant Facility-Wide Notification with Cost-Effective Pocket Pagers in Senior Living Facilities

While maintaining a quiet healing environment is essential to patient satisfaction, today’s team nursing style also demands that caregivers are always reachable while remaining mobile. A cost-effective solution to staying connected with caregivers (without employing noisy PA systems) is integrating Pro-Alert 570 with a pocket paging system.

Reduced Overhead Noise – overhead paging is drastically reduced through direct communication, creating a restful environment for patients

Direct Notification – caregivers directly receive pages with detailed call information such as room number and call type, resulting in a prompt, personalized response

Increased Mobility – pocket pagers keep caregivers connected to their patients and other staff members from anywhere in the facility, allowing them to remain mobile and increase their productivity

Resident Safety – in the event of a staff emergency or code call, members of a “crash team” receive instant notification, allowing them to respond immediately

Overtime Notification – the system can be programmed to route calls that are not answered within a predetermined amount of time to a secondary caregiver’s pager, ensuring that all calls are answered

Diagnostic Pages – technicians receive a diagnostic page that describes the problem and affected system so that they can repair the issue quickly and minimize downtime