One-Touch ASC Communication

One-Touch Manages Patient and Clinician Workflow

Utilizing touchscreen nurse call terminals or multi-button station in each exam/procedure room, clinicians can readily manage every aspect of a patient visit from the initial rooming of the patient to the final housekeeping visit with Provider ASC.

Outside of each room, a dome light indicates multiple active events for the room including patient and clinician status, procedure timers, and active calls.


Remotely room a patient – when the patient checks in at reception, staff select an available room on the touchscreen terminal; a flashing dome light directs the patient and their escort to the selected room

Request a clinician – pressing a color coded doctor, nurse, or technician button in the room adds that room to the clinicians queue and indicates the request at the dome light outside the room

“VIP” a patient – if needed, staff can easily set a patient to the head of the queue for a specific clinician to visit next