Automated Workflows

Streamline Workflows for Efficiency and Satisfaction

Within or across departments, Provider 700 Nurse Call systems automate workflows and process while eliminating time wasting follow-up. Practically any workflow that requires notification between staff can be initiated by one-touch on a Provider 700 workflow button.   Workflow buttons can be created to request a meal, pick up a tray, clean a room, request transport, round a resident/patient, and many more.  The Provider 700 automates these workflows and the follow-up; if a workflow isn’t addressed within a set time period, it alerts staff members again or can escalate to a different staff member or team.

If your needs change, existing workflow buttons can be reconfigured or additional workflow stations can be easily added in resident/patient rooms. Each workflow button can be customized for a rounding, timer, workflow event, staff presence, or call placement.