PBX Interface for Off-Site Calling

External Calling Through the Facility’s PBX System

In the event of an emergency, it is critical that every call placed is answered, even if it is during off-peak hours.  Using the facility’s PBX system, Pro-Alert 480 calls can be programmed to directly route to an off-site number or they can be forwarded if not answered within a predetermined amount of time.

Direct Auto-Dial – calls placed from a call station are automatically routed to an external phone, allowing calls to be answered off-site when the master station is unstaffed on-site

Call Forward – the system can be programmed to initially ring the master station and then route the call through the facility’s phone system to an outside phone number if it is not answered within a predetermined amount of time

Queued Calls – when additional calls are placed on the system, calls are queued in the order in which they were received

Facilities can save costs by not having to staff their command center 24-7 while still having the peace of mind that the building’s occupants have direct access to help.