Whiteboard Activity Display

PC Console Software for LAN Display of Calls and Events

From any Windows® computer the facility’s data LAN, the Provider’s “PC Console Display” software delivers a breadth of real-time activity including patient calls, workflow events, staff locations, and bed status information to caregivers and administrators.

Staff members, caregivers and managers can customize each PC Console to display activity for one unit, several units, or the entire facility and to show one, several or all types of activities. It can be associated with a Nurse Console for touchscreen answering of calls in the Map View and List View.  The PC Console also supports call tones for active calls.  Four different tab options are available:

List View – indicating all active patient and staff calls for one, several or all Nursing Units

Whiteboard View – a list of all rooms/beds within a specific Unit showing all information and events associated with the room/bed including patient information, call activity, workflow events, assigned caregivers, caregivers present, and bed status

Custom View – lists customized data and can include all rooms in the unit with Stryker iBed status and any associated information

Map View – a graphical floor view of call activity, staff presence and service requirements