Point and Scan Shift Change

For Streamlined Staff and Device Management

The scan and go option for Provider 700 means staff do not need to sign into a computer at shift change.  Using a barcode scanner, staff can update their status (on/off duty, on break), assign their wireless device(s) for their shift (wireless phone, real-time locating tag, pocket pager), and review their current assigned patients by room and bed.

The simple click and scan operations streamlines the on/off duty process at shift change and eliminates bottlenecks and potential errors for shift change operations.

Reduced Congestion at the Nursing Station – using a barcode scanner on any networked computer, staff don’t need to congregate at the nursing station to go on duty and assign their wireless device for the shift

Automatic Rollover of Resident/Patient Calls – when staff are “off duty” or “on break”, calls from their patients rollover to the other caregiver’s wireless device on their team; resident/patient calls are addressed as quickly as possible

One-Click Review of Assigned Residents/Patients – a single scan of their ID badge displays each caregiver’s current assigned residents/patients

Simple Wireless Device Assignment – caregivers can assign themselves a wireless phone, pocket pager, and/or real-time locating tag by simply scanning the barcode of the device in their possession