SIP Wireless Phone Communications

Caregiver Mobility through Wireless Phone Integration

While remaining completely mobile, caregivers are also connected to their residents/patients and other staff using the Provider 700 Nurse Call Systems’ wireless phone integration. From their in-house wireless phone, caregivers are alerted to and can answer their patient/resident calls from anywhere; eliminating wasted back and forth trips, improving workflow between caregivers, and maximizing their time on the floor interacting with patients.

Facility-Wide Communication – calls route directly to the assigned caregiver’s phone regardless of their location within the facility. When caregivers directly answer their patient’s/resident’s calls, both response time and satisfaction improve

Quiet Healing Environment – overhead paging is drastically reduced as staff can reach each another directly without using disrupting overhead paging

Improved Workflow – wireless phone integration makes staff more productive as they don’t waste time searching for each other

Team-Based Call Forwarding – if a resident/patient call is not answered within a set time, the outstanding call is automatically be forwarded to another caregiver in the team