Wireless Smart Bed Monitoring

Provider® Integrates with Stryker® iBedTM Platform for Greater Patient Safety

The Stryker iBed safety attributes such as brake, iBed Awareness, low bed height, siderails, and bed exit can be monitored remotely from any Windows computer on the facility’s network using Jeron’s Provider PC Console Display software.  The facility can use all of the functionality of the PC Console including the List View, White Board View, Map View, and Custom View.


With multiple modes of communication and alerting, caregivers can be mobile while getting notifications. Once a patient initiates an alarm on the bed, such as bed exit, the integration through Provider 790 Nurse Call immediately notifies caregivers to the urgent situation by:

Dome Light Illumination – illuminating the dome light outside the patient room

Sounding Emergency Alert Tones – Nurse Consoles, Duty Stations, and PC Consoles are alerted both tonally and visually

Routing Calls – active calls go directly to the caregiver’s wireless phone