Pocket Paging Call Alerts

Instant Facility-Wide Notification with Cost-Effective Pocket Paging Notification

The Provider 700 Nurse Call Systems’ pocket page notification option maintains a quiet healing environment while keeping staff connected and mobile. Resident/patient calls and service requests route directly to the assigned caregiver. In team nursing applications, caregivers with wireless phones can triage their calls and selectively dispatch the appropriate team member via the team member’s pocket pager.

Direct Notification – caregivers directly receive pocket pages of their assigned resident’s/patient’s calls with detailed information including room number and call type for a prompt, personalized staff response

Overtime Notification – calls that aren’t cleared within a set time period automatically route to a secondary caregiver’s pocket pager, ensuring no patient call is forgotten

Configurable Alert Teams – customizable teams, such as code, staff emergency, or bath emergency, automatically route call information simultaneously to several or many team member’s pagers; speeding response to critical events

Staff Mobility – from Staff Consoles, staff can answer a patient’s/resident’s call and find out what they need.  Then, they can send a message to the assigned caregiver’s pocket pager detailing the patient’s/resident’s need; saving staff wasted steps and time

Reduced Overhead Noise – overhead paging is dramatically reduced through direct notification and alerting as staff no longer need to overhead page to direct caregivers to a patient’s/resident’s room

Diagnostic Notification – automated system diagnostic messages are routed to technicians’ pagers describing any issues minimizing downtime