Seamless Cross-Platform Integration

Provider 700 and Provider 790 share a common nurse call network allowing both platforms to work together as a single unified solution with access to the same integrations and activity reporting across the entire facility or campus.

This seamless cross platform integration supports a mixture of Provider 700 and Provider 790 system to meet the needs of each area while providing the best overall value across the entire facility.

Single Point of Management – Access across the entire facility to set standardized workflows, call priorities, and to maintain the health of the system

Flexible Call Routing – The ability to route calls between adjoining units depending on census and to operate in a decentralized mode during the day (each unit answers own patient calls) and in a centralized mode at night (when nursing units staff down) and any combination in between

Scalable Solution – expand or convert nursing units as budgets allows; all Provider nurse call systems working together as a single unified solution