SIP Wireless Phone Communications

Caregiver Mobility through Wireless Phone Integration

Caregivers remain directly connected to their patients and other staff members while staying mobile using the Provider 790 Nurse Call Systems’ wireless phone integration. Using their wireless phone, caregivers can respond to their patient calls from anywhere; eliminating extra trips, improving workflow, and maximizing their time on the floor interacting with patients.

Facility-Wide Communication – patient calls route directly to the assigned caregiver regardless of the caregiver’s location within the facility. When caregivers directly answer their patients’ calls both response time and patient satisfaction improve

Quiet Healing Environment – overhead paging is drastically reduced since staff can reach each another directly or send informational text messages without resorting to overhead paging

Improved Workflow – wireless phone integration makes staff more productive since they don’t waste time searching for each other

Customized Alert Teams – in the event of a staff emergency or a code call, members of a “crash team” receive instant notification. Create custom alert teams based on your facility’s needs

Automatic Call Forwarding – if a patient call is not answered within a set time the call is automatically be forwarded to another caregiver in the team