Nurse Call engineering


The Engineering departments design Jeron’s Provider® Nurse Call Systems, Pro-Alert™, and Spectrum® Systems with state-of-the-art technology and software.

Continuously updating our designing and technology methods keeps Jeron at the forefront of communication and safety solutions to best serve our customers.

Nurse Call manufacturing


We use state-of-the-art surface mount technologies and have assembled a highly skilled manufacturing team to bring our systems to you.

Our product testing is unparalleled due in part because the fabrication, assembly and testing all occurs in the USA which speeds up reaction time to a problem and dramatically lowers defective rates.

Jeron Provider Nurse Call

Hands-On Demonstration Room

A highlight of Jeron’s new corporate office in Niles, Illinois is our state-of-the-art Provider Technology Center.

Within these simulated healthcare environments, Clinical and Technical visitors can experience the full breadth of Provider 790 and 680 Nurse Call Systems’ options and integrations that offer real-world solutions for workflow, safety, and satisfaction in acute hospitals and skilled healthcare facilities.

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Integration Partners

Our relationship with communication solution providers gives our end-users more options to make your work life easier.

These integrations to Jeron’s Provider and Pro-Alert Nurse Call Systems are “best in class” in healthcare today. We are constantly adding new technology partners, check out the latest here.